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Sterilizing Bottles

The method i used was to make sure after every feeding i would immediately rinse out the bottle with hot water and then wash them.I would do this to prevent ...

Need Help with Feeding Cereal

Try feeding her in a high chair with a spoon. The latest advise out there is that you are not supposed to put rice cereal in a bottle unless the child has ...

Bottle Nipple Question

Is this common with bottle feeding? Do they get milk all over their chins when feeding? We have tried different nipples. We have used the standard "Gerber" ...

Best Bottle to Help with Spit up and Gas

You can get the air out of the bottle before the baby starts feeding, ... I was induced at 35 weeks 4 days and started 50/50 with nursing/bottle feeding, ...

Bottles to Relieve Gas?

Giving her a dose after feeding directly never worked very well but putting the drops in the bottle and shaking it worked GREAT. It not only helped with her ...

Feeding Schedule for 10 Month Old Daughter

My daughter is the same age and her feeding schedule is as follows: 7:00 am 6oz. bottle, 9:30-10am a stage 2 jar of fruit mixed with a grain (like apple and ...

Feeding schedule/Formula Amount

He takes 4 bottles/day. I make 8 oz bottles. Most of them time he finishes at least 6 ounces each feeding. other times, he finishes all bottles. ...

Stop Breast-feeding

Oct 6, 2009 ... Breastfeed gradually leaving out a feeding by using a bottle instead. Gradually wean may take a month, but depending on your preference ...

Bottle Nipples for Rice Cereal

Do I continue to cut the nipples or switch bottles. I am even considering spoon feeding it to me. Help. Does anyone have any suggestions or have been in ...

Best Bottles for Gassy Baby

You can use them with every bottle feeding. Best wishes. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share. B.W. answers from Minneapolis on April 3 ...
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  • used the playtex drop ins in 2 answers "I've always used the Playtex Drop-ins."
  • playtex vent aire in 2 answers "I like the Playtex Vent-Aire bottles they're easy to clean, and works great for gas."
  • let them air dry in 3 answers "... that, I just washed them in hot soapy water, rinsed them & let them air dry ..."
  • hot soapy water in 2 answers "After that, I just washed them in hot soapy water, rinsed them & let them air dry ..."
  • put cabbage leaves in 2 answers "Put cabbage leaves in your bra!"