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Formula Feeding Question

Sep 23, 2009 ... At three months, it's common for babies to still not sleep through the night, .... formula feeding baby · baby formula feeding ...

Need Some Book Ideas for Second Baby Coming!!!

When I had my 2nd, I eventually had both hands free, I dressed Barbie and colored pictures and read to my 4 year old when feeding the baby. ...

Baby Acne

my babys doc. said that it was my hormones leaving my babies body...so i ..... It is hormones, but not from breast feeding. I was unable to breast feed ...

Feeding Schedule

I am curious to know what kind of feeding schedules other babies are on. I want to try to introduce my 8 month old to more baby food (right now she gets 1-2 ...

When to Start Feeding a Baby Food and Not Just Formula

Babies are all different. Our daughters did not sleep through the night until @ 13 mos old (lojng after we started feeding them baby food at the correct ...

Help for 7-Month Old with Constipation, Hard Stools

Are you feeding him baby cereal that is fortified with iron? If so, that is your culprit, the iron binds them up like you wouldn't believe! ...

When to Start Bottle Feeding...?

Aug 25, 2009 ... In my experience I had a difficult time establishing breast feeding due to my baby grinding her jaw when she nursed (baby "baracuda" we ...

Looking for a Good Book on Feeding Babies...

Read all 5 responses: "I'm looking for recommendations for books on introducing solids to babies. I've already started, but would like a clearer guide as to ...

Ideas for Feeding 9 1/2 Month Old??? Picky Eater.....

but my two girls ate EVERYTHING when they were babies and now (at ages 5 and 7) they are ridiculously picky. .... 9 month old baby · feeding a baby ...

Feeding Cereal

Our baby has reflux too and the doctor suggested thickening her feeds with rice cereal. Since I still nurse, I decided to start feeding her a little rice ...
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  • old wives tale in 2 answers "... breastmilk or formula in their diet, and although it's a popular old wives tale ..."
  • karo syrup in 4 answers "I also tried putting a tablespoon of the Dark Karo syrup in her bottle."
  • prune juice in 10 answers "I had this problem with my daughter and prunes or prune juice worked wonders."
  • had baby acne in 6 answers ":-) My son had baby acne for several months--almost a year--and I'd begun to despair ..."
  • your babys face in 3 answers "... you can try expressing a little milk and putting it on your baby's face."