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Anyone Familiar with Molluscum?

FDA Approved Homeopathic (read more) US Patent #7311928. Developed by Board Certified MDs. Our FDA Registration No: 13301237174 ...

Am I Making the Healthiest Food Choices?

Sep 9, 2009 ... The FDA might be a good resource for the ingredients Good luck J ... the fact that it is a proven neurotoxin the FDA has approved it and ...

Looking for Advice on Taking Seasonique, the Pill Where You Get 4 Periods a Year

Unlike FDA-approved medications, herbal substances are not scrutinized in the same way by the government, so you really don't know what you're getting when ...

Plantar Warts!

SilverCure is not cheap, especially now that they are FDA approved but you may want to check to see how it would work on plantar warts. ...

Anti-depressants and Pregnancy (Zoloft)

... to do is feed yourself good whole food, cleanse your system regularly and supplement your diet with pure herbal formulas instead of FDA-approved poison. ...

Cord Blood Banking

... says they have the only FDA approved process and are the only company that can still bank it if something goes wrong and I have to have a c-section. ...

Anti-depressants and Pregnancy...

be careful if you try anything natural, just b/c it's natural does not mean it will be good for you. could be why it isn't FDA approved. ok, sorry, ...

Comparing Breast Pumps

From what I've read, it's the only pump approved by the FDA to protect the purity of expressed milk. And it's even a tad cheaper than a Medela. ...

Bath Toys

All of their products are made with non-harmful ingredients, but use natural anti-fungal and even have a cleaner that is FDA approved for cleaning ...

Getting Rid of Head Lice for Good!!

What finally did it for us was a non-toxic, labor-intensive method that is not yet FDA approved, but I tell you, it works! It's at nuvoforheadlice.com, ...
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