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Hypo Sensory Disorder

C.M. asks from Anchorage

Hi, Any Moms out there who have children with HYPO sensory disorders? I would love to have someone to talk to about my daughter, and concerns with her possibly hav...


Doctor Says It's Wind Cold

D.E. asks from Los Angeles

My 3-yr-old son has rashes on his tighs and behind his knees - we treat him with homeopathic & herbal medicines - it's not working lately - he's highly allergic to pe...


Help with Pain in Right Buttox

J.J. asks from Chicago

Hi moms! Please help. For the past week I have had a lot of pain in my right buttox and it shoots down to my leg. I am 25 weeks pregnant. I would just like some a...


Switching from Mirena to Copper IUD

N.S. asks from Chicago

Hi mommas- I'm hoping someone out there may have made the switch and can share. Here's the scoop: I had a mirena placed at my 6 week visit after having my 2nd so...


Costume or Accessory for Father Daughter Dance - Theme, Greek Mythology

T.F. asks from San Francisco

The girl Scouts at our school have a Father Daughter Dance every year. The theme is Greek Mythology. Some of the Dads are not happy about the expectation that they ...


Anyone Else Out There with Thyroid Problems?

S.Y. asks from Pittsburgh

I just got my blood test back and my TSH was through the roof (meaning my thyroid is "low"). My Doctor is putting me on "Synthroid", and wanted to know if anyone has ...


Teaching Good Eating Habits

C.M. asks from Chicago

My daughter is 10 and she's not overweight now, but could easily become so. She stays pretty active. All she has is a tummy, which I think is leftover baby fat that I...


What Are Your Kids Being for Halloween????

A.B. asks from Boston

Moms, This is just a fun question. I was just curious what other peoples kids are being for halloween, if you celebrate it. My 12 y/o son is being Rodrick, from D...


Has Anyone Ever Felt This Way, These Symptoms Are So Strange

L.B. asks from New York

Has anyone experienced these symptoms?, What do you think, I have been to several doctors and my lab work and test results always come back negative for anything. I ...


Realizing You Arnt His Perfect Girl

C.Z. asks from Sioux City

So why I started this conversation with bf is beyond me. I was asking him a whole bunch of questions like who was your best, if you could have one of your ex's back w...

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  • laurel wreath in 3 answers "I like the laurel wreath idea."
  • grim reaper in 2 answers "7 year old will be Cap'n Jack style pirate, six year old will be the Grim Reaper ..."
  • armour thyroid in 3 answers "I took the Armour Thyroid for about 5 years and it had side effects such as hair loss ..."
  • like a sensory processing in 2 answers "After your addition: Yes, that does sound like a sensory processing disorder."
  • dont want to know the answers in 2 answers "Don't ask questions to which you don't want to know the answers!"