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Has Anyone Else Experienced This?

As far as being fatigued fighting any infection will make you more tired than usual. A lot of people say "I've never had a problem with my sinuses", ...

Thyroid Concerns

I'm no longer fatigued (no more naps throughout the day - hurray! .... I've battled on and off with depression, fatigue and definitely a battle of the bulge ...

5 Weeks Pregnant and No Sore Breasts

Aug 24, 2009 ... I also don't have any other symptoms except for fatigue..." ... I also didn't feel fatigued until my last trimester and I had no morning ...

Cough That Won't Go Away

Going to bed early also helps, as the coughing gets worse when he gets fatigued. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share ...

31 Yrs and I'm Pre-menopausal?

I also have migraine headaches, yeast infections, major fatigue, and hot flashes . I'm tired of it. I don't know if birth control pills will help or an ...

Gestational Diabetes and Diabetes

Maybe the fatigue is a lot of things rolled into one. I know I feel like I get nothing done which adds to my feeling fatigued. Helpful? ...

Early in Pregnancy and Having Trouble Sleeping

Well, just being pregnant, you will get fatigued. As for falling asleep, I think you just have to tough it out... and do NOT take anything, ...

Questions Regarding Hospitality and Etiquette

I am currently having some pretty intense morning sickness that lasts on and off throughout the day and am super fatigued. I have barely left the house in ...

Seeking Birth Information About Epidurals

So far the reasons I have derived is that the mother is fatigued and .... Fatigue? Hunger? Not here. It was pain, and I wanted it to stop (or at least ease ...

I Am Pregnant, Cold All the Time and Have Low Blood Pressure

Sensitivity to cold is one of the big symptoms (others being fatigue, constipation, ... You will also become very fatigued if it goes on for too long. ...
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