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Has Anyone Tried the hCG Diet Protocol?

Oct 30, 2009 ... Read all 15 responses: "I'm looking at trying the hCG diet ... I was a little excessive on the working out, but I wanted fast results. ...

Acai Barries and Life Clense

Some lose it fast, some, well, it takes a little longer. .... acai berry weight · what is your life · lose weight fast diets · best weight loss supplement ...

Losing Weight

If you take diet pills, it comes off fast, but comes back and tends to pack on more in the process. Weight Watchers teaches you basically to make healthy ...

Seeking a DIET That Really Works!!

Read all 40 responses: "Hello, I need help I am in need to do a diet, ... but you adjust surprisingly fast. The book has some good easy recipies in it and a ...

Is Slimfast Safe While Breastfeeding??????

People use it for diets because it's lower in calorie, not because it has any ... Not slim fast-seriously, I doubt it will HURT you, but, It wont help. ...

Nutrisystem or Medifast?

I would recommend Metabolic Research over medi-fast or Nutri-system. .... I am not a professional, however have seen so many fad diets or expensive trendy ...

Need Advice on Weight Loss Programs or Surgeries

I did all the fad diets you name it! I guess what I am trying to say is that even though I knew I needed to cut the fast food, eat and drink healthy and ...

My Son Has BAD Constipation Problems

We've tried prune juice, and putting him on high fiber diets...we've tried only fruit..." ... we had to find an answer to the constipation problem fast. ...

Need Help with ADHD.....tired of Meds.

Many foods in our fast life diets are processed. If you return back to nature so to speak, you'll be on the right track. That is lots of veggies, fruits, ...

Looking for Info on Gluten and Casein Free Diets for Child with Autism

... have episodes in the morning if she does not get her next dose fast enough. ... If you just put gluten casein free diets in the barnes and noble search ...
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  • dont drink slimfast while in 2 answers "... which will reduce the amount of milk you produce. Dont drink Slimfast while ..."
  • carnation instant breakfast in 2 answers "... Since you are breastfeeding still I'd say get the Carnation instant breakfast ..."
  • change your eating habits in 2 answers "Like others have mentioned, you need to change your eating habits so you can stay ..."
  • gluten and casein free in 2 answers "I have been following a gluten and casein free diet for about 3 years now."
  • gluten free diet in 3 answers "... and I'm pretty sure that she talks pretty extensively about the gluten-free diet."