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Good Travel Bottle or Travel Formula Solution

M.S. asks from Miami

We're taking our 2 month old son on a trip to San Francisco this weekend for my sister's wedding. (5 hour flight..... not looking forward to that) We'll be gone Frida...


Toddler Travel Bed

L.C. asks from Duluth

I am looking for a travel bed for my 15 month old daughter. She used to use her pack and play but that is too small now. We have a number of weekend trips planned f...


Travel Agency in Lewisville

Y.D. asks from Dallas

I have never been on a vacation let alone to a travel agency. What do they do, are they different from the online agencies (like hotwire, cheaptickets, etc...)and do...


Which Travel System Do You Recommend?

M.A. asks from Chicago

Hello Moms, I'm expecting baby #2 in January and am looking for a new travel system(car seat, car seat base, stroller) Any recommendations? Thanks!


Do You Get Stressed/anxious Before You Travel?

O.L. asks from Los Angeles

I'm one of those travelers who anticipates vacation with anxiety. Anyone else out there like that? Once I get there and settle in, I'm fine, but the anticipation is s...


Can't Travel for Holidays Because of Pregnancy.

J.B. asks from Chicago

I'm due Christmas day with baby #2, which means we can't travel for Thanksgiving(which is also my birthday this year) or Christmas. My husband and my family live far ...


Airplane Travel and Pregnancy

K.B. asks from St. Louis

Does anyone know the rules about travelling on an airplane while you are pregnant? I'm due in early February, but am planning to travel back to Texas for Thanksgivin...


Own a Home or Travel the World?

J.M. asks from Minneapolis

My friend and I were tossing this question around and I am wondering what you all might say. She has two preteens and has never owned a home. She has the opportunity ...


Air Travel Suggestions...

K.S. asks from San Antonio

My husband and I will be travelling overseas with our 4 year old son and one on the way in November. I wanted to see if there were any Moms out there with some ideas...


Increased Travel for Job

W.G. asks from Los Angeles

My employer recently "told" our team that we will be required to facilitate meetings in two different states for periods of 2 - 3 weeks over the next 5 months. This w...

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