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Baby Name Help!

I used a family name for my first two girls, but this time I am using my best friends middle name. I found after you use mother's and grandmother's there ...

Help with a Middle Name

I love it when the name has sort of meaning or family connection. .... You've gotten a ton of advice here...we named our boys with family names, of uncles, ...

Can Anyone Help Me with Some Unique Boy and Girl Names?

Try family names if you like, some of my friends used their maiden names for ... We have a nice italian family name. Marcello and it is shortened to Marc. ...

What Do You Think of the Name Silver?

Sep 28, 2009 ... My daughter has an unusual name. Jewel Liberty. Jewel is a family name, so no one complained about that, but my family is, ...

Looking for New Ideas

With the fourth baby on the way, I am running low on ideas for names! We don't know the gender yet. I have always tried to incorporate family names, ...

What Are Everyone's Thoughts on Jr. Names?

I don't think there is any problem whatsoever carrying on a family name ... I like the big and little better whenever full family names are carried forward. ...

Looking for a Sweet Girl Name for Third Baby

If it had been a boy, we were going to name him Jonas (which I LOVED!). My older girls are Katelyn Sylvia and Audrey Anne. Sylvia is a family name and Anne ...

Grace or Gracie?

Since Grace is a simple first name maybe look at family names that are more .... But what I would really suggest is using a family name for the middle name. ...

Special Names for Grandparents??

That being said... every family is different and some are more easy going about names and nicknames than others. Either way, I hope you enjoy a big happy ...
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