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Advice: 1 Month Old Has Rash on Her Face

My 1 month old daughter has developed a rash on her face, scalp and behind her ears. its red and pimply....its begining to itch her now and seems to be ...

Newborn Skincare - Cradle Cap on Face

For his face they just said wash it with Dove soap and put Eucerin lotion on it. Well, that seems to take care of the dryness, but it's still so red, ...

Allergic Red Blotches from Amoxicillan

This morning I woke up and he had these red large red blotches on his face, under his arm and along his side a few on his belly and more on his legs (many ...

Help for a Chapped Little Face

Help for a Chapped Little Face. My little man is drooling pretty hard and his chin is red and chapped. Anyone know what cream/ointment works best on this?? ...

Red Bumps on Arms

For as long as I can remember I have had these ugly red bumps on my upper arms. ..... red face · glycolic · clear skin · environmental health ...

Toddler Gets Bright Red Cheeks at Night

My kids get red cheeks because their skin gets really dry by the end of the day. Our Dr. has us put Cetaphil Cream (not lotion) on their bodies and face ...

Red Nose??

Any thing you use on your face will cause it to become red, as cleaning removes the dirt and oils and causes the skin to become irritated. ...

Red Rash on My Son!!

Nov 5, 2009 ... My son had a red rash, like eczema, on his face, arms and legs. The doctors told me to use Eucerin, but it never got any better,...it didn't ...

Spider Vein on Son's Face

My son was at daycare one day and got scratched on his face under his eye about a year and half ago and know he has a red dot with little red lines coming ...

A Boil on My 3 Year Face

He has it on his face. Does anyone have any advice on how i can prevent this or know why it .... red face · face wash · financial news · google code ...
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  • tea tree oil in 2 answers "I wouldn't use any tea tree oil - or any oil at all, for that matter - on your face."
  • allergy to laundry detergent in 2 answers "He might have developed a mild allergy to laundry detergent or dryer sheet."
  • spot on your nose in 3 answers "Please don't take that spot on your nose lightly."
  • sounds like eczema in 3 answers "i agree it sounds like eczema."
  • lactic acid in 2 answers "... like they recommend using a cream that has either salicylic acid, lactic acid ..."