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Rash Around 15 Mn Old Son's Mouth

The upside was that the shield was completely flat and did not touch the baby's face at all. Without the moisture getting trapped against his face the rash ...

Back of Hands, Especially the Knuckles, Have Red Rash and Bleed After Basketball

My son plays basketball and after practice or a game has a red type rash on the back of his hands. .... Advice on Toddlers Face Rash ...

Heat Rash?

She didnt get a sunburn but developed a rash last night on her face and back. Is this a reaction to the heat? Or sunscreen? Will it just go away on its own? ...

Pacifier Rash

As a result his face has a rash and is very chapped all the time. I have just recently started putting Aquaphor (you can buy it at Snyder's or Walmart or ...

Seeking Help for 7 Year Old Son's Face

Upon return, I noticed my son had small rashes on his face in his T-zone area. ... Perhaps your son's face rash has nothing to do with being on the cruise ...

14 Month Old Chin Rash

Chapstick works wonders for face rashes! It acts as a barrier and does not allow the moisture thru to their skin...similar to the reason why we wear it on ...

2 Year Old W/ Rash

Nov 10, 2009 ... I use it on my daughter whenever she gets her little face rashes...goes away almost the same day...if it's mild. ...

Drool Rash

The rash is just irritation from the saliva so medicated creams aren't recommeded especially since it is on her face. you can get lanolin/lasinoh in the ...

Can Strawberries Cause a Toddler to Get a Rash?

Yes, I took my son into emergency a few weeks ago, he had broken out in a rash allover his face and stomach, the doctor said more than likely it was because ...
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  • dry skin from the weather in 2 answers "His doc said that it was very dry skin from the weather."
  • old wives tale in 4 answers "I think it's an old wive's tale that it's due to the amount of strawberries."
  • strawberries can cause in 4 answers "Yes, strawberries can cause rashes if the person is allergic to them."
  • there are no side effects in 2 answers "I'm thinking it is also better because there are no side effects from it (At least ..."
  • rash around his mouth in 2 answers "Hi, I am a gramma to 7, and I have a grandson, that gets a rash around his mouth."