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Help - How to Clean My Shower

My cleaning lady uses Fabuloso (the blue one) to clean my showers and they look brand new everytime. Sadly, she moved to another state, so my husband cleans ...

Is It Worth It

... I use Fabuloso for floors, etc. and hydrogen peroxide to clean counters. But the point is anything that keeps your home clean is worth it if we use it ...

Help with Mildew Smell on Laundry

I know Fabuloso is good also. Hope this will help. God and God Bless. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share ...

Mold and Mildew

Glad u had success, now you may want to splash it with fabulosa and let it ... also you may want to take and soak a small rag with fabuloso and hang it, ...

What's Your Favorite Cleaning Products?

I use Fabuloso and Lysol but I doubt these are envionmentally safe. 1 mom found this helpful. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share ...

How Do You Get Mildew Out of Clothes?

I am not technically "sure" that soaking these clothes will get the mildew out.. .but I have used Fabuloso with some of my laundry booboo's and it has ...

Cleaning Walls

I absolutely LOVE the smell of Fabuloso! I use the purple one, it is lavender scented. I also like the texture/scrubbing power of the Magic Eraser. ...

How Is Everyone Coping in These Economic Times?

Don't get me wrong - I may bust out the Fabuloso or Febreeze product on occasion , but only because I like the scent. ;) Not sure I can post the link to due ...

How to Get That Black, Burned on Stuff off of the Stove Top.

Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share. D.F. answers from Chicago on December 24, 2008. T., Try Fabuloso and dish soap, Easy-Off, or 409. ...

Stinky Diaper Pail

I always cleaned ours out with Fabuloso. Then I would spray some on a paper towel so it was good and soaked and leave it inside on the bottom. ...
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  • buy one get one free in 4 answers "I cut coupons and stock up with buy one get one free sales with the things we use."
  • diaper genie ii in 3 answers "I have a 14 month old and we've used the Diaper Genie II since he was born."
  • clean magic erasers in 3 answers "I have never used a cleaner, I just use the Mr. Clean Magic Erasers."
  • scour off paste in 2 answers "... sat in my drawer that long and I just decided to try the Shaklee Scour Off paste ..."