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Blocked Tear Ducts

The problem I'm having is my daughter just refuses to relax and let me touch her face. Where around the eye should I be massaging? ...

Eye Wear and Pregnancy

If you're having problems with the trial pair, call the eye doc and let them know. They may be able to get you a different kind of lens to try. Helpful? ...

When to Take My Baby Boy to the Eye Doctor?

Take them to an eye doctor before age 1 or earlier if you suspect something, but at least age 1, because there are some eye problems that can not be ...

Infant Eye Contact

Read all 12 responses: "How common is it for infants not to have eye contact or ... He has no developmental problems. I also worried that he would not be ...

Twitch in My Eye Is Driving Me Crazy!

My hubby has a perpetual eye twitch. It was making him CRAZY! ... I had a stress problem which exhibited itself in my vision once. ...

Seeking Advice/experiences Re: Eye Surgery

Her daughter's eye problems were gone for good, recovery was very fast, and in retrospect, the most difficult part was the mental angst my friend put ...

Seeking Much Needed Advice About Eye Care!

My son is 4mths. old and has constant eye problems. I am always having to wipe stuff out of his eyes and sometimes it is yellow. I have tried just about ...

Need Good Eye Doctor for 1 Year Old to Get Base Line on Eye Problems

She may have lazy eye, and or what is called jaw wink syndrome. We would like to get a base line to head off any problems that may a raise. ...

Toddler Constantly Rubbing His Eye's??

Do you notice if he has a vision problem,if it's not allergies or irritation I'd look into getting his eye's checked out.By a pediatric eye dr. Helpful? ...

Eye Surgery on 16 Month Old?

Apr 15, 2009 ... Well, very soon, his eye duct did stop "gunking up" and we went back .... We had no problems. They gave her a fast acting anesthesia and she ...
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  • sounds like a blocked tear duct in 3 answers "... people with firsthand knowledge saying that it sounds like a blocked tear duct ..."
  • sounds like a clogged tear duct in 2 answers "Sounds like a clogged tear duct. Ask your pediatrician for Tobraymacin drops."
  • gave us some drops in 2 answers "Her pediatrician said it was allergies and gave us some drops to put in."
  • his tear ducts in 3 answers "It sounds like his tear ducts are not open."
  • warm wet cloth in 2 answers "I would have to wipe them w/ a warm wet cloth just so she could open her eyes sometimes."