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Mirana Causing Pain

If not then you might be able to find out more about the pain without the mirana's hormones .... eye pain · pain control · pain symptoms · right side pain ...

Has Anyone Have or Had a Child with a Floating Eye?

Have you or anyone you know have a child (pre-teen) with a floating eye? Is it a big deal? My daughter has no pain, bluriness, no vision issue's, ...

What Can I Do for an Eye Stye?

Hot/watm compresses as much as possible work, they will help reduce pain from ... Eye styes are a sign you aren't getting enough vitamin a in your diet. try ...

13 Month Old Eye Injury

Oct 29, 2009 ... In August I jabbed my eye with the corner of a magazine, tearing my cornea. It was the worst pain I've ever had in my life, feeling like hot ...

Breastfeeding Pain

My five year old and I didn't see eye to eye with the whole breastfeeding thing ... For pain, I use 100% Lanolin ointment. You can get it at grocery stores, ...

Laser Eye Surgery...

Read all 5 responses: "I have been thinking about having laser eye surgery ... Pain: mild- you do have some discomfort that day, but it was so exciting to ...

19 Month Old Daughter Has a Lazy Eye

My daughter(who is now 22) had a lazy eye when she was little also. We did the patch thing for about .... No one likes to see their baby in pain, or teased. ...

Seeking Moms with Children Eye Surgery

My daughter did not have eye surgery but she had dental surgery and I ... My kids had no pain and aside from sleeping a little when we got home where fine. ...

Need a Sympathetic Vet That Will Fix My Beagle's "Cherry Eye"

$199., that included a micro chip AND MORE EYE STUFF AS the other tube had gotten .... Pain injection during surgery (highly recommended and some hospitals ...

Pink Eye? Call Doc or Wait 'Til Monday?

It started this morning, and her eye seems to be swollen some also (I can. ... I would just wait until monday unless she is in a lot of pain or is running a ...
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