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Pink Eye Won't Go Away

First, even though it is soothing to use the old warm teabag remedy, you have to be careful of spreading the infection from one eye back to the other. ...

Looking for a Cure for Eye Styes

We found out that there was an underlying problem - she had an inner eye infection that nobody caught because of the styes. That came out with a vengence ...

Pink Eye and Toddlers

If a doctor suspects that the pinkeye has been caused by a bacterial infection, antibiotic eye drops or ointment will be prescribed. ...

Chronic Pink Eye

What your son may have may not be pink eye but an infected tear duct or eye infection. If his eyes are just goopy that is a good indication of not pink eye. ...

Tearing Eye

I took her to the doctor because I was afraid she had an eye infection and he said it was a blocked tear duct, which is very common in children under 1. ...

Pink Eye

Sep 21, 2009 ... Also for pink eye is highly contagious doesn't matter if she is on drops or not. .... Eye Infection or Something Else ...

Pink Eye

You just don't want to mess around with an eye infection - especially with a child who can't tell you exactly what he is feeling or seeing. ...

Anyone Else Experienced This?

Read all 8 responses: "My 3yr old came down with an eye infection. We took him to the doctor immediately. In spite of our fast reaction, it quickly turned ...

My Eye Won't Quit Tearing Up!

It might be an eye infection. Or is it possible that you got something in your eye or scratched it with something. I don't have anymore ideas other than ...
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