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Pink Eye

Its a natural eye cleanser. Do this about three times a day. In about 2 days it should be gone if not sooner. I have also seen this in a natural health book ...

When Is the Apropriate Time....

... that live in the assosiation are pretty nice & help keep an eye on them. ... While I do not know how your father is doing health-wise, the decision to ...

Seeing Stars While Pregnant

This could be a eye health issue (retina health). I've read before we see stars due to a lack of oxygen or blood to the head. I have it happen sometimes ...

Seeking Wholistic Doctor in Lincoln Square Area

I would recommend Homefirst Health Services Weve been with them for the past ... the PED in the hospital because I refused all of the shots eye drops etcand ...

13 Mo Old Having a Bilateral Nasolacrimal Duct (NLD) Probe Done?????

I do have my own eye doctor appt next week (had Lasik done) and plan on asking ... else! did you do tear duct massage? of course, your childs health is #1, ...

Daughter Has Grey Whites in Her Eyes.

My daughter was born with it and it has not an issue, health wise. ... However, if you are still worried, I would talk to his doctor, or an eye doctor. ...


My son is 4 months old and has an amangioma between his right eye and his nose. ... by other children but I am more concerned for his health and vision. ...

Watery, Crusty Eyes

Oct 9, 2009 ... You can also go to a health food store, and purchase a very small eye dropper bottle of Calloidal Silver.. as it has antiseptic/antibiotic ...

Children's Optometrist

Recently I took my 10 year old in to have a physical and failed the eye exam they told me he ... My daughters' eye started crossing about six months ago. ...

Need Pediatric Opthamologist

Read all 5 responses: "My 3 yr old son wears glasses due to crossed eye and far- sightedness. Due to insurance change we are currently looking for a new one.
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