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Lazy Eye in Infant

We are not at that bridge yet, but like I said, I still only really use one eye. ..I can not see 3D (even with the glasses on, etc. ...

2 Year Old Needs Glasses????

What ended up happening is we took him to the eye doctor who dialated his eyes and then was able to look at them well enough to know he needed glasses. ...

Ideas for Eye Patches/glasses for Children!!!

Read all 21 responses: "My nephew is 19 months old and we started noticing that his left eye seems to be turning in a bit. My sister took him to a pediatric ...

Seeking Excellent Pediatric Eye Doctor in the NRH/Mid-Cities Area

Aug 7, 2009 ... I have a 5 YO who just started wearing glasses. I love our pediatric eye dr -- Her name is Dr. Lindsey Bond and she and her husband work at ...

Anyone Have Experience with 'Lazy Eye'?

If it is a lazy eye the earlier you treat it the better they can help it and maybe fix it permanately. My daughter doesn't wear glasses but we are keeping a ...

Eye Doctors

I have always gone to places like DOC, Henry Ford Optimeyes, places like that where all they do is dole out glasses. I recently went to a new eye doctor and ...

1 Year Old Has a Weak Eye Muscle

One ped. opth. in Alabama said to patch the strong eye and to wear bifocals. However, another doc here in PA said to patch, no glasses, and possible surgery ...

Lazy Eye

But definately don't take them to an eye doctor at the eye glasses store, they are not attentive to problems, only getting you in and out. Good Luck. ...

Recommend Eye Doctor?

I was so happy i got a pair of guess glasses for FREE at his office! Vsp paid for a 200.00 dollar pair of guess glasses and eye exam. ...

My Daughter Says She Can't See Out of Her New Glasses...

my daughter has a lazy eye also. When she got her glasses for the first time ..... My son had lazy eye as a child as well. He wore prescription glasses from ...
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  • eye muscle surgery in 2 answers "Her brain directs and controls her eyes and eye muscle surgery is not brain surgery."
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