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Goopy Eye

Like other moms said, keep it clean and yes the Dr. will prescribe eye drops. I have found that if I let it go without taking him to the Dr. right away, ...

Preemie and Tons of Eye Boogers Bad?

The fix is very simple and they numb the eye with drops. My niece had it done when she ... A few drops in each eye like eye drops everytime you clean them. ...

Pink Eye

Read all 5 responses: "I found out I have pink eye last Sat. I went to the Dr. & she prescribed antibiotics & eye drops. I called today to see when I can ...

Pink Eye and Toddlers

My toddler has Pink eye and he won't let me get the drops in. ... Sometimes it can be a challenge to get kids to tolerate eye drops several times a day. ...

Blocked Tear Duct in 5-Month Old

Take warm wash cloths on it and gently massage it - that works great over time and also like some said there are eye drops too that you could also try in ...

Pink Eye

Hey everyonemy daughter had pink eye last Tues and was given drops for it Her last ... Yes as long as the tip of the eye drop container did not touch your ...

1 Year Old Has a Weak Eye Muscle

Has the same thing, in one eye. He is now 10 , My sister has been doing eyedrops since he was little around 3 I believe. glasses 6 , Clear patch on his ...

Lump on Daughters Eye

My son had this when he was 20 months old It was on his upper eyelid We did the warm compresses and eye drops and it didnt help After two weeks we saw a ...

7 Month with Mattery eyes...could It Be Teething?

I to am thinking pink eye. However the eye drops the dr gives you do work ... My son had it a couple months agao and the eye drops made them better by the ...

Lazy Eye in Infant

Both of my nephews had a lazy eye when they were little. The doctor treated it with eye drops and an eye patch placed over the strong eye to help strengthen ...
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  • ended up being pink eye in 2 answers "My daughter has gotten the same thing and it ended up being pink eye."
  • clogged tear ducts in 3 answers "i suspect eye infection or clogged tear ducts, both of which need medical care!"
  • blocked tear ducts in 3 answers "He probably has blocked tear ducts."
  • blocked tear duct in 2 answers "turns out that she just had a blocked tear duct and gave a a solution drop."
  • blocked tear duct in 2 answers "You may want to take him in to his Ped, he could have a blocked tear duct, which is ..."