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ROSACEA Skin Cream-care

I tried alot of creams some help when you first apply them but then the ... I can't use some of the stuff - I had a reaction to one of the eye cremes, ...

Eye Rubbing

my son is an eye rubber too. he is 5 months and we swaddle him or he will " scratch his ... What is the reason you are putting cream around your baby's eyes ? ...

How to cure excessive eye gunk in toddler?

the eye gunk is probably from a cold air that got in his eye so its a cold int he eye usually the doctor can give you some eye cream and it will go away ...

Eye Makeup That Stays Put?

I was also having a hard time keeping eye shadow in place, but Prescriptives makes a cream shadow/eyeshadow base that helps a lot. ...

Labial Adhesions & Estrogen Cream

Jul 29, 2009 ... We have not put any hormonal creams on our daughter, and there has not been any problem, though I do keep my eye on it, incase there would ...

Oil of Olay Regenerist Skin Care Line

Oct 14, 2009 ... I rely on the Eye Lift Serum, the moisturizer and the Regenerating Serum. I also use the Olay Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream. ...

Eye Liner

their eyeliners in 2 answers "I not only use their eyeliners, I use their make- up remover and eye shades." goes on so smooth in 2 answers "... eyeline cream ...

Pink Eye Won't Go Away

Hi K., Sometimes oral atibiotocs don't work real well for pink eye, ask her ped, for the cream, there's a cream that works really well and it eases the ...

Dark Circles Under Eye

My sister used to have pretty dark circles under her eyes and I was amazed at how much Lighten Up Plus eye cream from Avon helped to get rid of the darkness ...

Clogged Tear Duct vs Pink Eye

So we brought him in and it was an eye infection of some sort I had to get a antibiotic cream to put on it...cleared up within two days. ...
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  • sounds to me like a clogged tear duct in 2 answers "... eye her eye would be pink or red color. Sounds to me like a clogged tear duct."
  • clogged tear duct in 6 answers "Doc thought it was probably a clogged tear duct."
  • clogged tear ducts in 2 answers "This is also the daughter who had clogged tear ducts and had the discharge frequently ..."
  • blocked tear duct in 2 answers "and he said that he has a blocked tear duct which has led to an infection so he prescribed ..."
  • put a thin layer in 2 answers "... the spelling!!) that I get through prescription from my PCP. I put a thin layer ..."