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Tearing Eye

It could be allergies. The first time my daughter had it I thought it was pink eye because her eye was red, but when we took her the doctor and they did ...

Early Allergies

I have 3 kids and all 3 have terrible allergies Ias a child also suffered from ..... symptoms of allergies · allergies cats · dogs allergies · eye allergies ...

Chronic Pink Eye! Help!

If it keeps flaring up, check to see if its allergies. I have eye allergies bad, which makes it look like pink eye. I have the eye irration, ...

Pink Eye

I did drops for another 4 days only to wake up again w/ red eyes. I finally went to my eye Dr. to find out I had severe allergies these past two times of ...

Where to Buy Similac Alimentum (For Allergies) in Phoenix?

Where to Buy Similac Alimentum (For Allergies) in Phoenix? ... wal mart in 2 answers "Keep an eye on sales, stock up when they are on sale...wal mart, ...

My Eye Won't Quit Tearing Up!

I dont' think it's allergies because it doesn't itch and it's not red or irritated. It's just that my eye keeps producing tears for no apparent reason. ...

Natural Remedy for Itchy Eyes

My husband and I are struggling with seasonal allergies at the moment. Our eyes are itchy, and feel like they are full of something, but they aren't gunky. ...

A Cold or Allergies??

Kids under 2 really can get allergies, my son had allergies at that age, ... Some of the worse diaper rashes I have seen have been from teething eye teeth ...

Seeking Info on Treating Allergies in Preschool Children

We have not used a nasal spray because her allergies seem to be more in the cough, sneezing and runny eye category as opposed to nasal stuffiness. ...

Dark Circles Under Eye

Has your fiance ever been tested for food allergies? Dark circles around the eyes are a common sign. My son is allergic to milk and always had dark circles ...
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