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What Time of Day Do You Get Your Exercise In?

That way my husband is home with the kids. I hate getting up that early, but it is the only way I can find to exercise. Helpful? ...

Exercise Video or Plan for Mom & Daughter

Read all 9 responses: "I am looking for an exercise video/plan that would ... Remember, being a Stay @ Home Mom does not mean you must stay at home all day. ...

Exercise Video

I've done Tae Bo for years and am looking for a new exercise video to help me lose that..." ... Looking for a Recommendation on an at Home Workout DVD? ...

Will Exercise Decrease My Milk Supply?

I've also read that you should be able to exercise, but you may want to wait an ... You are also awesome for having your babe at HOME! I'm not that brave, ...

Post-partum Exercise in Seattle?

Read all 5 responses: "Does anyone know of any sort of exercise class ... belly dancing is a really good energetic workout for ya. i do it at home with some ...

Pregnancy Exercise Videos

There is In home walking exercise videos. (Leslie Sansone) She does make a Pregnancy one. Also if you have Timerwarner Cable, The Digtal box. ...

Need a Good Simple Excersize Dvd.

1) Do exercise with hand weights. 2) Weight lifting does the best job to burn calories than other exercises. 3) Pilates is great for at home exercise. ...

Seeking Pre-Natal Exercise Classes in San Marcos/Carlsbad Areas

Read all 11 responses: "I am wondering if there are any exercise classes in north ... I don't know the area that well yet, but if exercising at home is an ...

Exercise DVDs/Classes

Actually I've heard that any exercise that involves kicking while pregnant can .... first trimester · exercise home · fitness videos · yoga pilates ...

When to Resume Exercise After Childbirth

The fact that you are already wanting to exercise, along with your midwife's .... body solid gym · step exercise · post resume · exercise home gym ...
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  • wear 2 sports bras in 2 answers "Just for my own comfort, I had to pump before class and wear 2 sports bras, but other ..."
  • blue raven yoga in 2 answers "Blue Raven Yoga in San Marcos is awesome!"
  • will not decrease your supply in 2 answers "exercise will not decrease your supply. When I was breastfeeding I would notice that ..."
  • about the lactic acid in 2 answers "You are correct about the lactic acid, you will want to wait about an hour after exercise ..."
  • burn extra calories in 2 answers "Rare is the woman who can exercise and therefore burn extra calories and not have ..."