excessive pooping in baby

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Need Advice for Baby with Terrible Gas Pains

That made his little tummy softened as he was able to poop, I don't know if that's also a problem you'r baby is having. Consult it with your Ped first ...

Wondering If Any Mom's Have Seen These Symtoms?

Aug 22, 2009 ... not the typicalbreastfed baby watery diapers these are explosive ... its just runny poop that could be caused by teethingexcessive drool ...

Teething and Loose Stools

... I was worried that my baby was not pooping enough. ... My sons had fevers and loose bowels and drooling, but my oldest was a excessive drooler. ...

Son with Diarrhea

Don't give a baby straight Gatorade - it's very high in salt, since it's designed to replace not only water, but salt lost through excessive sweating. ...

Baby Ecezma

Ecezma is often a sign that the baby isn't pooping enough or has a blockage in ...... Always, always use oinment instead of cream for excessive dry skin. ...

1 Month Old Spitting Up...Alot

My pediatrician would tell you that ALL babies spit up, poop a lot and cry. I doubt very much that she has ... Switching Formulas B/c of Excessive Spit Up ...


Also, no egg white or baby yogurt until after a year for the same reason. He is doing much better now and his poop is no longer green, since I cut back on ...

Do I Go to a Size 3 Diaper?

... when diapers start leaking and it's not an excessive amount of urine or poop , ... It's always easier to deal with a baby in too big of a diaper than one ...

3 Week Old , Spitting up Constantly Even an Hour After feeding...any Advice

It is normal for a baby to have a bowel movement (poop) after eating. .... As for the pooping, I think that is pretty normal. Both my babies pooped during ...

Anyone Used Gripe Water for Gas

Before I found the gripe water I tried baby gas drops out of desperation and .... They had gas but not excessive. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This ...
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