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Taking a 1 Year Old to a Baseball Game

I'd say take good shoes for you and him and a stroller or sling (depending on what he is comfortable with).. the ERGO baby carrier is a great as a backpack, ...

Side Sling or Wrap for 20+ Lbs 7Mo Old

Sep 15, 2009 ... I would go for an Ergo Baby Carrier or something similar. I really like wrap slings too, but as your boy gets older and more mobile he will ...

Need Suggestions for a Good Baby Carrier/sling

Sep 2, 2009 ... I have used three different baby carriers hot sling baby baj and an ERGO I LOVE THE ERGO best It has the best weight distribution easy in ...

Which baby carrier is best for me?

Recently I heard about the Ergo carrier and mei tei. I am looking for advice on these baby products as well as how they compare to the Bjorn. ...

Has Anyone Tried the Scootababy Carrier?

Try the Ergo carrier instead. I love mine. You can use it in the front, the back or the side and it's designed so they are actually sitting in it with their ...

Best Sling for Breastfeeding

try the ergo carrier - i had no problem breastfeeding with it, and i can still use the carrier with my 21 month old daughter. the ergo is much better for ...

Back Carrier for Toddler

The ERGO Carrier is GREAT! Check out the website at My sister-in- law introduced us to it before we had our son, and she was using it for her ...

Best Baby Carrier?

Ergo Baby Carrier - I LOVE it; It's a front, back and hip carrier depending on how you set it up. You can see the direction demo online at their website. ...

Need Advice on Child Carrier Backpack for Toddler

i love my ergo carrier! they say they're for 5-60 can use them on your front or back, plus you can get a little insert to use it sling-style ...

Mei Tai Baby/toddler Carrier

Like other responders, I would whole-heartedly recommend the Ergo baby carrier. Go to Be By Baby (Roscoe & Lincoln) and check it out. ...
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  • evenly distributes the weight in 3 answers "... with baby facing in or out when worn front. It evenly distributes the weight ..."
  • love our kelty backpack in 2 answers "... track meets with lots of people and bleacher seats. We love our kelty backpack."
  • mei tai carrier in 2 answers "I also bought a mei tai carrier and those are wonderful."
  • maya wrap sling in 3 answers "I have a bjorn, and a maya wrap sling (soooo wonderful, i use from newborn until a ..."
  • over the shoulder baby holder in 2 answers "I used the Over the Shoulder Baby Holder exclusively for the first six or so months."