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Potty Training

wwwsesamestreetcom has a great video clip about potty training with elmo and the gang It helped us through it Go to the Games section to find it ...

Looking for Recommendations on Potty Training Videos/books

Elmo Potty time DVD is great My daughter started watching it and started peeing on the potty at 20 months. Helpful Yes | No Save This Remove This Report ...

Potty Panties for Petites and Training Advice

There is a Tickle Me Elmo-potty training DVD that I used with my daughter. I really liked it because the DVD taught her how to stop what she was doing when ...

Potty Training

Another thing that has helped is watching the potty videos together. He loves to watch the Elmo potty video and then wants to immitate Elmo. So, that helps! ...

Potty Training My Son

Read all 14 responses: "I would like to start potty training my son. ... REALLY likes the Elmos Potty time video we got at Barnes and Nobel Hope this helps ...

My 2 and a Half Year Old Has No Interest in Potty Training

Try peer pressure... when a friend's child uses the potty act really impressed and excited. I'm going to buy the Elmo DVD as well so my son sees his beloved ...

What Potty Is Best?

We bought the Elmo potty, and it is great. The Elmo potty is cute, and he can kick his leg and Elmo says encouraging things to him, like, "Elmo is so proud ...

Potty Time

If you notice that she is staying drier in her diaper longer, then get her a potty seat and introduce her to the concept. Elmo has a great Potty Time dvd ...

Using the Potty

My daughter is almost 2 12 years old and we have been working on potty ... We also have a couple potty DVD's like Once Upon a Potty and one with Elmo that ...

Potty Training

Also he loves elmo so I got some elmo books and read to him while he was sitting on the toilet. He still is not good with pooping on the potty but he has ...
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