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Grandmother Seeking Advice for Mother Dealing with Brushing a Toddler's Teeth

The electric toothbrushes worked for us. My daughter thinks they are very fun and grown up to use so she actually does a pretty good job herself because the ...

Getting My 17 Month Old to Let Me Brush Her Teeth:-(

It also helped to have her pick out a pretty tooth brush-we use the character electric toothbrushes & it seems to work pretty well. Also, we don't put much ...

Does Your Dentist Always Try to Upsell You?

Nov 10, 2009 ... For example she recommended I switch to an electric tooth brush. This was followed with you can get them anywhere they all work great. ...

When Did You Let Your Kids Brush Teeth by Themselves

I second the suggestion that an electric toothbrush, with one of those small, round, rotating heads, is a great idea for kids. His teeth were never so clean ...

Brushing 18 Month Old Daughters Teeth Is a Fight!

We got an electric toothbrush and she LOVED it. We haven't had a battle since! Here is a suggestion - let your daughter see YOU use it first, ...

Brushing Teeth

Now we let him pick out his own electric tooth brush and tooth paste. He brushes them for the first half then I "check them" and finish the job. ...

My 2 Year Old Hates Toothbrushing

He has an electric toothbrush, which did help for a while, but not anymore. I have a 4 year old that brushes at the same time, so he can see him do it. ...

16 Month Old SCREAMS When I Brush Her Teeth

Aug 24, 2009 ... Some kids can be swayed with electric toothbrushes, but my daughter is afraid of loud noises so that's a no go for us - you may want to give ...

Dirty Teeth...

Since my kids fought this transition our dr. recommended electric toothbrushes because you could get more cleaning accomplished in a shorter amount of time. ...

Best Way to Clean Kitchen Tile Grout

I bought this little handy sonic scrubber from publix (kinda like a big electric toothbrush) and it helped so I wasn't having to use quite as much elbow ...
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