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C.C. asks from Los Angeles

My 10 month old daughter has eczema on the backof her legs. It has gotten bad inthe last few days, to where she will not sleep at night unless I am holding her. I h...



C.D. asks from Bellingham

My 6 month old has eczema. It's a constant batttle. As long as I remember to put lotion on her and bath her and cover her with vaseline she is fine, but if i forget a...



A.P. asks from Fort Wayne

My 3 and a half month old has eczema. The doctor said to put hydrocortizone creme .5% on the affected areas and then put a moisturizer on top of it. He recommended Aq...



J.R. asks from Providence

My daughter was diagnosed with infant eczema. I have a few questions about this: Anyone who's dealt with this... 1) What are the best products to use on infants wit...



M.H. asks from Los Angeles

Our 4 month old boy has horrible eczema all over his neck, chest, torso, arms and now it's moving to his face. We've been using Aquaphor and nothing else. We've als...



M.F. asks from Minneapolis

I have a ten month old whom I believe may have eczema...Here's a little history. When my son was an infant we noticed he would get these small, pimple like bumps on ...



D.S. asks from Houston

My son had a small rash oh the back of he's hip. Took him to the doctor and he gave us Locoid Lipocream ( Hydrocortisone butyrate) Said to use it for a week and it sh...



D.V. asks from Pittsburgh

My three year old has eczema. I use eucernia lotion and hydrocortozone when its itchy. It doesn't seem to want to go away. I just realized that since I am allergic...



B.S. asks from Sioux City

Hello, My 2 year old son has eczema- BAD! It is all over his body, even the top of his head, and he is constantly itching-to the point he is bleeding. We have been t...


Could It Be Eczema?

V.S. asks from Kansas City

My 6 y/o daughter has always had dry skin. I put lotion on her all the time, but when the weather changes and gets cold and dry she always gets worse. She gets a li...

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