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Arbonne for Eczema?

I am a pediatrician and I take care of a young boy who had severe eczema. Despite multiple attempts to eliminate allergensa and multiple different treatment ...

Eczema Issues

The eczema is especially bad during change of season. We were just given a natural treatment called "Look, No X E Ma!" distributed from Natures Acres in ...

Alternatives to Steroid Creams for My Daughter Who Has Eczema

My daughter was 6 weeks old when she was diagnosed with eczema. .... I am just wondering if a daily treatment of Claritin may improve her condition a little ...

Swimming and Eczema

Ocean water is the best treatment for ezcema!! Take your kids to the beach as much as possible. Summer time is the best time for my eczema because I visit ...


Since we started her treatment her eczema is very, very mild. We only have to use the 0.5% hydrocortisone cream occasionally with the Vanicreame on a daily ...

Any Advice for Toddlers with Eczema?

My son has eczema as well. His doc suggested 1% hydrocortizone cream 3xday until it clears and then a good lotion for daily treatment. Also, Aveeno makes a ...


I get a little bit of eczema in the winter and I've found a soap called Bella Bar that has .... Baby Dry · eczema treatment · allergens · skin allergies ...


Actually, I'm not sure if it is either psoriasis or eczema as I haven't had time to see a doctor about it. ... skin infections · eczema treatment ...

Reactions to Steroid Ointment for Eczema

Read all 12 responses: "My 5mo daughter has eczema on her face, ... Has anyone had experience with this treatment, any side effects or scarring? ...

Trouble with Eczema

He was always had very mild eczema that I have had under control. ... with soriasis, and the best treatment I have ever used is Melalueca lotion and oil. ...
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