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They're fragrance free and paraben free, and very gentle, and the Baby Care line (called ABC) has been known to alleviate and eliminate symptoms of eczema ...

Shampoo for Sensitive Skin (Eczema)

Also check her diet - there are a lot of foods that can increase eczema symptoms like citrus. Your daughter is allergic to lanolin? ...

Need Good Multi Vitamin/immune Support for 22 Month Old-

Just search "gluten" or the word "celiac" along with "eczema" or any symptoms she or anyone else in your family is having. You will find lots of reading. ...

Eczema or Pseriasis

Miriam's eczema symptoms were gone within a few days and have never returned. Because of our experience with this incredible product line, we now share the ...

Seasonal Allergies in 13 Month Old?

I've definitely got a solution to the eczema issue your 13 month old has. ... if there is some other cause of the symptoms and if they are allergy symptoms, ...


How about a way to get rid of the eczema forever?? Tried and true and won't just treat the symptoms is 1 teaspoon of cod liver oil per day, 2-tablespoons of ...


eczema is one of the MOST COMMON SYMPTOMS of a FOOD ALLERGY! it's most likely being caused by a sensitivity to gluten and/or casein (a milk protein). ...

7 Month Old-rash on Body Question

His was so bad that even with lotion to control the eczema symptoms he was already scratching which caused scabby, oozing spots all on his legs and hands. ...


My daughter also has eczema and the doctor also said something about that causing her to have asthma liks symptoms. I'm confused. ...


She still gets flare ups so I know it's not dairy, but I also read that even if she is not allergic to dairy, it could make eczema symptoms worse. ...
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  • omega 3 fish oil in 2 answers "Finally, and this one is the most important, I give her omega 3 fish oil each night."
  • cod liver oil in 3 answers "... had to use it since though, but I have heard of great success with cod liver oil."
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