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Low Progesterone

I had an ectopic pregnancy last year so they are really watching me. ... My first pregnancy in 2000 was ectopic, and I was followed closely in the beginning ...

Could It Be?

After an ectopic (tubal) pregnancy, and surgery, it took us 1 1/2 years to concieve. I was on Clomid for 3 months and no luck. Come to find out, I only have ...

2 Miscarriages in a Row

I had an ectopic pregnancy and after that, it took us another year to concieve ... I had an ectopic pregnancy in September 08. This was after 18 months of ...

Weak Positive Pregnancy Test (Help!)

That test does not necessarily mean an ectopic pregnancy. ... The weak line meaning and ectopic pregnancy, I've never heard that before, be careful about ...

No Gec Sac Found

Doc also says it may be to early to see the sac but also there is a concern of ectopic pregnancy but right now, everything looks such as my ovaries and such ...

Pregnancy After Hysterectomy

yes, if you still have ovaries, an ectopic pregnancy is a slight possibility. If you are and it is growing in your fallopian tube, it will get more & more ...

Seeking Aanswers

Because of the major threat to the mother's life, I would think that any dr. who put a patient with an ectopic pregnancy on bedrest to wait it out is (IMO) ...

Late Period

I have had an ectopic (tubal) pregnancy and it did not show up on a pregnancy test. There are many symptoms to ectopic preg., but not everyone suffers from ...

Tubal Pregnancy

ever since the ectopic i had been on birth control, after going off of it though , ... My first pregnancy resulted in emergency surgery due to being ectopic. ...

Etopic Pregnancy

A word of advice, contact you doctor since you have had an ectopic they should do ... I have been through an ectopic pregnancy and had a healthy pregnancy ...
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  • concerned about ectopic pregnancy in 2 answers "... around the same level, then the doctor will be concerned about ectopic pregnancy."
  • taking charge of your fertility in 2 answers "If by chance you are not, have you ever read Taking Charge of Your Fertility?"
  • mean an ectopic pregnancy in 2 answers "... doesn't seem to make much sense to me that this would mean an ectopic pregnancy."
  • your hcg levels in 2 answers "... I'm sorry to say that it is not very encouraging to hear that your hcg levels ..."
  • quantitative hcg in 2 answers "However your doc could run a quantitative hCG blood test to help screen for an ectopic ..."