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M.C. asks from Dallas

Has anyone started an ebay business. Any pros and cons and or advice that you can give to me?



S.J. asks from Jackson

Does anyone have experience selling childrens clothes on ebay? I have some things around my home that I would like to sell, but Im curious about drop shipping and who...



K.F. asks from Charleston

Has anyone ever opened up their own Ebay store? How did you go about starting up your business, and what items did you decide to sell? How did you incorporate taxes...


Auction Baskets

J.D. asks from Cincinnati

I volunteered to make a basket for an Auction. I am doing a Movie Basket and a purse for a young girl like 10 and up. 1.) Does anyone know of any good movies I can ...


Ebay Buyers

H.A. asks from Bismarck

Hello Ladies, When you are shopping on Ebay, are you more likely to purchase an item that is listed with the Ebay Giving Works knowing that some of your money is goi...


Elementary School Auction-

A.L. asks from Detroit

Hello Ladies, This is my third year chairing an Auction at my children's school. I have been a one women army and although we have been successfull, I was wondering...


Selling on Ebay

K.L. asks from Savannah

This is our first time selling items on ebay, and we have a question. We are waiting for payment for 3 out of the 10 items that sold (including 1 that was purchased ...


Learning How to "Ebay"

S.R. asks from Kansas City

I am in need of some tips and advice about selling on ebay. I have never used ebay before. It will be baby/toddler clothes I am wanting to sell. How does it work? I k...


Selling on Ebay

B.W. asks from Pittsburgh

I am thinking of selling on ebay and was wondering if someone could tell me about their experiences. Is it smart to start something with a 99cent starting fee so it's...



V.M. asks from Cleveland

Ok just wondering how i know that stuff brand new in package hasn't been stolen?? I don't get were the "NEW" stuff comes from, I could see someone buying a pair ...

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  • get a paypal account in 2 answers "But first, sign up as a seller & I highly recommend get a paypal account for your ..."
  • name brand items in 2 answers ";) I only sell their name-brand items though."
  • paypal account in 2 answers "... once a month or you can pay yourself through paypal) and a paypal account."
  • price your items in 2 answers "... typically bring in 50% of retail value, so you will want to price your items ..."
  • recently started selling in 2 answers "ebay store". I recently started selling to get rid of some items that we didn't use ..."