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Is My 1 Yr Old Eating Healthy Enough?

V.H. asks from Los Angeles

I've spoken with my doctor about my sons eating habits, but his replies are sketchy at best. I was wondering if anyone has any insight or advice for me about his die...


I Can't Stop Eating

J.M. asks from San Diego

I can't seem to stop eating today!!! I am a bloated mess yet I keep eating!! Aaaaahhh!! I have already had a BLT, taffy candy, 2 mini bagels (slathered w butter of c...


Toddler Not Eating

T.C. asks from Seattle

My 3 year old refuses to eat dinner anymore. She will eat maybe one or two bites of whatever kind of meet we have if we are lucky. How can I get her to start eating a...


Clean Eating

N.D. asks from Chicago

I will be starting a Clean Eating diet, pretty strictly. Can any of you give me suggestions on what foods to eat and what recipe's you make with those foods? Than...


Eating Habits

S.B. asks from New York

Hello Moms My son will be 2 years old in two weeks but I am wondering if he is progressing with his eating habits. He is still more likely to eat with his hands th...


Sensory and Eating?

D.M. asks from Joplin

those of you with kids who have sensory disorder,what kind of problems have you experienced in eating issues? mine son was diagnosed with this and I know what he has ...


How Much Should He Be Eating????

C.L. asks from Dallas

i have a 5 month old baby boy and i have returned to work about a month ago. he lost about three pounds in that month and the doctor said he was ok. i am not pumping ...


Not Eating Well

H.S. asks from Detroit

Hi Moms, I could use some advice and/or suggestions if you have any. My son is now 21 months old and we finally decided that it is time to get off of the baby foo...


Vegeterian/healthy Eating

Y.F. asks from Orlando

Hello ladies: I have asked some questions in the past and many of you have been very helpful, I hope you can help me with this question. I am wanting to make a li...


Eating Healthy and Teeth

S.F. asks from Nashville

ok its been awhile since i have had a toddler so how can i get my ds to eat veggies, and meat. he atomatically says he doesn't like it. so then dinner becomes a hassl...

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