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Three Year Old Acting Out Only to Mom

Overweight or Underweight · Picky Eater · Refusing to Eat ... he is being the perfect 3 year old.. wait until 4!!! he is just testing where it is safest. my ... I was told at one time that the fact that they act out with Mom means that ...

When to Tell My Three Year Old That I Am Going Out of Town?

When to Tell My Three Year Old That I Am Going Out of Town? ... We are leaving for the airport Friday @3:00 pm. That is usually when my dd is napping. ...

What Does Your 3 or 4 Year Old Eat for Breakfast?

I'm just curious what your 3/4 year old eats for breakfast? .... I think its good to figure out first if she's eating out of boredom or because she is just ...

Cars That Fit 3 Car Seats

Overweight or Underweight · Picky Eater · Refusing to Eat ... Hi S., In the late 90's we had a Camry and were able to fit 3 car seats in very comfortably. ... Take the car seats out and try them out. That is the ONLY way to do it. ...

My 3 Year Old Will Not Eat

Read all 39 responses: "My 3 year old has not had a fruit or vegetable since he came off ... Once the doctors found out that the boy would ONLY eat oatmeal, ...

!3 Months Decided She Doesn't like to Eat What She Use to eat....need Advise

(Yes, Absolutely) 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 (Definitely not) .... I don't make him sit at the table and eat, we'ver worked out that he will sit with us while ...

When Do Babies Begin Eating Three "Meals" per Day?

My son moved to eating 3 meals a day around 9 months. This is the same time we switched him from bottles to sippy cups and switched from baby food to table ...

3 1/2 Year Old Daughter Doesn't Eat Much

the best advice i've heard is too cut out snacks. i know you can't do it during the .... I,too,have a 3 1/2 year old girl that doesn't eat very much either. ...

3 Year Old Won't Eat

3 Year Old Won't Eat. I've read other posts concerning kids who won't eat. .... As a person note I give my kids V8, but there is also a new juice out there ...

Almost 3 Year Old Son Is Having a Tonsillectomy

She went in came out 30 min later. About 3 hrs later after eating her ice cream & popsicle we went home. She was groggy for about another 3 hoursbut then ...
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