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Pregnant After D&C

Relax and eat right and behave yourself from this moment on! Let me know what happens, please. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share ...

Having a Hard Time Losing Weight? Any Ideas?

Fad diets aren't healthy for you & if you eat right you can eat as much as you like! Read it, you won't regret it. Of course, regular excercise is important ...

Advice on Eating for a Slow Weight Gain of 6 Month Old

Her birth weight was 7 lbs 8 oz and was 20" long and did have some difficulty figuring out how to eat right away so went down to about 6 lbs in the first ...

15 Month Old Won't Eat Table Foods!

He wouldn't eat "wet" fruit when he was younger, he is now 2 1/2 and has started to enjoy them. They will eventually eat. Just make sure he's eating right ...

How Much Should a Three Week Old Eat?

I am curious to know what others out there are eating. The doctor says he should be eating ... -He'll get just the right amount for him. congratulations! ...

13 Month Old Stopped Eating! Too Much Milk???

Plus, they say that kids will eat when they are hungry. Just make sure to give him good foods when he does eat right now. ...

When Can Baby Eat Finger Foods/ Teething Cookies?

Read all 14 responses: "My 7 month old has been eating baby food for one month ... Sweet potatoes in chunk sizes they can pick up, they much right inside ...

My 18 Month Old Will Not Eat Fruit or Veggies

You can mix it right in their juice. It's a powder. I really love it, .... My daughter is likely to eat anything if she has something to dip it in too. ...

My Son Doesn't Want to Eat....

Oct 7, 2009 ... She is right on. See if you can get your son to help with the prep and choosing of food for meals. This not eating comes up on Mamasource ...

6 Month Twins Waking to Eat Every 3 Hours

However, the other one, Lucie, wakes up almost every 3 hours now to eat. ... Start giving them infant cereal mixed with formula right before they go to bed. ...
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  • how much your baby is eating in 2 answers "Honestly I wouldn't worry about comparing how much your baby is eating to anyone else's ..."
  • between growth spurts in 2 answers "And some kids stop eating when they are between growth spurts."
  • low fat foods in 2 answers "A word of caution, low fat foods can mean high in sugar and/or sodium."
  • ritz crackers in 3 answers "I wouldn't give Ritz crackers, or at least not a lot."
  • consult your pediatrician in 2 answers "If your concerns persist you may consult your pediatrician just to bring you peace ..."