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Looking for Healthy Foods to Gain Proper Intake to Breastfeed Baby

That way, at least your day starts in a healthy manner. i keep nuts on hand, as well as granola bars so that when i am hungry on the go, i'll eat that ...

Ideas to Help Eat Consistently

Cut out fruits if she is eating too much natural sugar isnt good either in excess Try blueberries or cut up strawberries as those are super healthy Instead ...

10 Month Old Won't Eat Solids

In fact she is seven now and still continues this routine and refuses to eat new and different things. She is healthy and as long as she is that, ...

Getting Healthy

2. i have started eating healthy foods because well i want to loose weight and i have high blood pressure but i cant come up wiht anything new to make. im ...

Help! 22 Month Girl Not Wanting to Eat Main Meals.

Apr 17, 2009 ... You have already established healthy eating habits! Grazing on the snacks you mentioned is the best (healthiest) way to eat. ...

I Can't Lose Weight!

keep getting your heart rate up--first and most importantly for long term is a healthy heart, not just looking good. keep eating heart healthy foods--cram ...

10 Month Old Refusing to Eat Food, Will Only Nurse

I must include that she has some developmental delays but has always been very healthy. She successfully started eating solid food at 6 months, ...

17 Month Old Will Only Eat Baby Food for Fruits and Veggies (Excluding Pckles?).

My sons are grown and have decided on their own to eat healthy. After all those years of my fretting over their eating habits.....So, I can look back and ...

8 Month Old Won't Eat from Spoon

She's been eating cereal since 4 months and fruits and veggies since 5 months. ... as many healthy finger foods as possible and make up for it in nursing. ...

16 Month Old Refuses to Eat

Some times you have to be pretty tricky when it comes to getting the kids to eat properly! As long as the doctor says he's healthy, I wouldn't worry about ...
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  • getting your heart rate in 2 answers "It's about getting your heart rate up for at least a half hour."
  • drink tons of water in 2 answers "... takes care of the junk food need, but in a healthy manner. Drink tons of water."
  • pick your battles in 2 answers "I think it's like what was said before, you have to pick your battles, and set your ..."
  • using a sippy cup in 2 answers "By now he should be using a sippy cup."
  • spinach salad in 2 answers "... cauliflower, walnuts,blueblerries and other fruits and veggies. spinach salad ..."