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Extra Money

E.C. asks from Fayetteville

Does anyone know of a way to make extra money from your home such as envelope stuffing or something simple like that? Been waiting 5 months for our first time home bu...


Money Issues

T.F. asks from Los Angeles

Hello Mammas, Just wondering how all you SAHM's handle not really "having" your own money. I am having a hard time accepting the fact that I always have to ask my ...


Who Does the Money in Your House?

J.B. asks from Houston

So, since we have been married for almost seven yrs. now, my husband has managed the money. He would always come to me with any purchase that we needed or he wanted ...


Online Surveys

I.H. asks from Dallas

Is it real to earn some pocket money doing online surveys?


What Do You Do to save Money?

L.D. asks from Modesto

With salary cuts, skyrocketing health insurance costs and inflation, our one salary household is getting squeezed pretty hard. Looking for ideas to save more money. W...


Christmas with No Money

J.B. asks from Houston

I am a single mom of two wonderful boys ages 11 and 7. This Christmas is a hard one for me financially. I have absolutely no extra money for Christmas this year. T...



L.S. asks from Dallas

I am having a really hard time paying for my sitter and rent. Its like having 2 house payments with 2 kids.... I just had my 2cd almost 3 months ago and me and my hus...


Does Anyone Take Online Surveys

A.S. asks from Chicago

Hello, does anyone use any online sites that pay you to take their survey


Online College Degree?

C.S. asks from Minneapolis

Hello! I am wondering if anyone out there has attended or is attending online classes/college or gotten an online degree? I have some college credits and would really...


Would like Input on Online Colleges

M.S. asks from Houston

Can you qualify for financial aid for online schools? Costs? How is the intensity of the classes? School recommendations? Any input would be great!

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