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Too Early for Milk?

C.N. asks from Toledo

Hi ladies, I was wondering, my son who is almost 9 months, ( and over 22 lbs) is not wanting to nurse anymore except for at nap time and at bed time. I wanted to giv...


Early Readers

H.M. asks from Dallas

Does anyone have any experience with early reader books sets? I would like to get my daughter started on reading. There are so many choices out there, and some of t...


Preschool Learning - Structured or Unstructured

A.D. asks from New York

My 3 year old toddler is in a program that uses a "creative curriculum" which has minimal structure or formal academic learning. They teach the children through self...


Early Kindergarten?

K.G. asks from Burlington

So I have a late September baby who has been wanting to go to Kindergarten since her brother went last year. She is ready (socially, physically, academically and emo...


Is ADD/ADHD Considered a Learning Disability?

M.G. asks from Dallas

Does anyone know? I thought it is a learning disability, but I was told it is not (however, I still think it is). Also, if you don't know, do you know what kind of ...


Early Discipline?

C.T. asks from Atlanta

My daughter is 13 months old, my husband and I are going back and forth about early discipline techniques. Until now we have been saying "NO" loudly and a few hand sm...


Learning Two Languages.

H.G. asks from Minneapolis

I have a soon to be 8 month old daughter. English is my first language but i am fluent in Spanish. My husband only speaks spanish and knows some english. So my questi...


Learning How to Write a Name

K.W. asks from Burlington

My son is 4 and i really want to motivate him to learn how to write his own "full" name. He knows how to spell his first name and can write his first name, however i...


Book Suggestions for Learning to Read....

L.D. asks from Spartanburg

My 4 year old son has expressed an interest in learning to read. Does anyone have any suggestions for specific books or websites that sell books for beginners? He lov...


Seeking Help with Learning Problems

J.D. asks from Harrisburg

I have a 4 year old , that is having a really hard time learning , well mostly remembering. I have tried over and over to get him , to remember his abc's, I was think...

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