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When Was the First Time You Felt Your Baby Move??

I am 15 weeks along in my 2nd pregnancy. When was the first time you all felt your baby ... earliest symptoms of pregnancy · when will i feel the baby move ...

Fetal Movement Stopped

What Is the Earliest You've Felt the Baby Move? ... signs of early pregnancy · early pregnancy signs · early signs of pregnancy · 12 weeks ...

How Soon Do You Know?

2 weeks at the earliest, using a home pregnancy test. Helpful? ... m&m's and I decide on something we're looking for the next 5 minutes like yellow signs, ...

Pregnant or Not

First Response is the earliest pregnancy test that I know of. With my 2nd child I saw a faint line ..... Sign up now to personalize your experience here. ...

Pregnant Before Period After Having Baby?

But, if you are concerned, just take a pregnancy test. I think the earliest I got pregnant after having another was when my oldest was 5 months old. ...

Anyone Know?

allergy test in 3 answers update to my earlier post I believe the earliest they will do an allergy test; showing signs of allergies in 2 answers do an ...

Overdue Pregnancy - to Induce or Not to Induce?

I have 3 little ones and the earliest came at 9 days late - after an induction. .... signs, or blue cars .. and each time someone sees one they get a treat. ...

Home Pregnancy Test--which Is Best?

Read all 14 responses: "I've never tried a home pregnancy test but it appears ... Personally, I got the best and earliest results from the cheap store brand ...

What Do You Wish You Would Have Done Before and During Pregnancy?

What would you tell a friend to make sure to do during pregnancy? ... which would begin at the earliest late september, better a month or two more. ...

Kick Count Question

With my first pregnancy I got very worried because the movement slowed towards the end of my 8th ... As long as he is moving more then ten times in ten hours that is a good sign. .... earliest feel baby move · pregnancy baby movement ...
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