eardrum scarring

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Help My 3 Year Old

My daughter does have some hearing loss because of all the scarring (which I am concerned about the scarring on your childs eardrum); however, ...

14-Month-old Getting Tubes

... ear drums in 2 answersHe had water behind his ear drums and was speaking more ... scarred over have his tonsils removed and repair a hole in his eardrum ...

Ear Tubes

I believe the loud noises cause a vibration in the eardrum that aggravates their sensitive scar tissue from the surgery. With my sons, it went away as they ...

Ear Infection

He had a cyst that formed (made from scar tissue)called a cholesteotoma. This rotted away the ear drum and part of the ossicular chain. ...

Doc Said 7 Month Old Needs Tubes in His Ears

The only draw back is that there is now a scar on one ear drum. It doesn't affect her hearing but it still concerns me. But I would definatly do it again. ...

SO MANY Ear Infections! Help!

One major concern I had with tubes is the possibility that scarring could damage .... into the eardrum to ventilate and equalize pressure in the middle ear. ...

Tubes in the Ears????

... mastoidectomy which removes all the bones and the ear drum The patient has .... has a lot of scar tissue from so many ear infections I have a 4 year old ...

8 Month Old with Reoccuring Ear Infections

So the tubes help with that so that their hearing develops properly and there isn't scar tissue building on the ear drums. I'd just ask for an ENT referral ...

Advice on Ear Infections! HELP!

It was all black on the side in the ear drum from bacteria build up. ... We also know now that by putting in the tubes there is permanent scar damage in my ...

Ear Problems

She had fluid trapped behind her eardrum and that causes pain, ..... child in the day before tubes and have tons of scar tissue that still bothers me today. ...
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