ear infections and tubes

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Homeopathic Remedies for Ear Infections? Milk Connection?

He had numerous ear infections, and their Dr. was also recommending tubes. She took him off of all cow milk products about a year ago, and he hasn't had a ...

Ear Tubes

CHIROPRACTORS totally can prevent your children from having ear infections and tubes. End their suffereing!!! First find a chiropractor that works on ...

Ear Infection

Ear infections can be very painful and damaging. My daughter has ear tubes which allow her ears to drain, wax and infections. She has had a greenish-yellow ...

Ear Tubes

My son had multiple ear infections and had tubes put in at around 18 mo. ... We tried this after my little girl's first ear infection with tubes and saw a ...

Chronic Ear Infections

My son, who is 3, has had chronic ear infections since he was born. We had tubes put in his ears, which worked great, but in the past year they have both ...

1 Year Old with Ear Infection That Won't Clear Up

We chose to have tubes put in his ears and it was the right decision for us. He didn't have another ear infection for a full year! ...

Ear Infections

the tubes are put in via surgery for kids who have constant ear infections...if you can avoid it, that would be better I would think. ...

14 Month Old One 3Rd Middle Ear Infection, Need Advice

My girl has had an ear infection (middle) the last week of the month of the past 3 months! Nov, Dec, and Jan. ... Next question: Infection with Ear Tubes ...

Wits End with Ear Infections!

We have only had one ear infection since the tubes (witch is very rare to get them, ... He got the tubes and has had about 3 more ear infections since, ...

Help, Toddler Keeps Getting Ear Infections!

My son had no ear infections with tubes and neither did my daughter. ... My son had recurrent ear infections too. He did get tubes at 2 yrs, one has fallen ...
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