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Wisdom Teeth

The primary source of pain when one has wisdom teeth pulled is caused by a dry socket, if you get one. If you take care of the socket as directed it is ...

How long does it take to heal from a impacted wisdom tooth removal

Also, be sure to take all your meds and to bite the rags to avoid dry socket, etc. It really wasn't bad at all. Good luck and enjoy the gas! Helpful? ...

Wisdom Teeth

If you don't get stitched, then you run the chance of having dry socket, which I 'm told is worse than anything else. Get stitched if at all possible! ...

My Teen Is Getting Her Wisdom Teeth Cut Out

I did get dry socket and it was very painful. So I went back to the DR. and he packed it and then I was fine. The holes arent completely closed up yet, ...

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

You can get dry socket, which I did, and that is painful. ... Like the other mom said, follow all the directions they give you so you don't get dry socket. ...

Wisdom Teeth:(

That can cause a dry socket, whatever that means, which I understand causes ..... I would ask them what to expect and ask what dry socket would feel like. ...

Having My Wisdom Teeth Taken Out

I had one dry socket. We used clove oil (purchased at the pharmacy). ... Then I had complications with a dry socket. I was pretty out of it and miserable ...

Surgery for Pericoronitis & Meds

I ended up with a dry socket (probably from coughing since I caught brochitis at the same time), and then I need the pain meds again until the doctor fixed ...

Husband Having Wisdom Teeth Out Soon!

And a little advice, if you think he is getting a dry socket, ... Then he got two dry sockets :( Mine wasn't easy either because mine were actually fused to ...

Had Cavities Filled for the First Time- Wondering If Doc Messed Up

Maybe you have a dry socket under the filling.. I would request the dentist to investigate until the problem is found. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove ...
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