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15 Month Old with Very Dry Skin

Ask your pediatrician for a steroid cream. It helped my little boy's dry bumpy skin. He might have a little exzema and the steroid applied after bath really ...

What to Do with a Very Dry Skin Two Months Old?

Try massaging him down with Eucerin lotion (the thick cream in a tub not bottle) . It helped our daughter with her dry skin. Do it daily before putting pjs ...

Very Dry Skin on 13 Mos Old - Need Advice

Try "Gentle Naturals" Baby eczema cream. Even if it's not eczema, I swear by the stuff and it cures any dry skin. Its about 7-9 dollars a bottle, ...

Extremely Dry/Cracked Skin

But does anyone have any suggestions for good lotion/cream to use for such dry skin? One of my twins (age 2) has extremely dry skin too. ...

17 Month Old with Eczema....

My Cousins son had eczema, she used Equate dry skin cream. SHe recommended it for my son, and it works like a charm. Its very thick, and non greasy so it ...

Cracked and Peeling Skin on Feet

I told her to use Gold Bond Foot Cream and wear white socks for awhile until ... I have very dry skin. She can see a podiatrist but I would have he try over ...

All-body Dry Skin Rash

My sweet 6-mo old has recently developed a dry skin rash all over. .... Cetaphil cream works for my son. I use it everyday after his bath. ...

8 Week Old - Dry Skin on Face

Both of my kids have really dry skin. As do I. I love the baby eczema cream from Gentle Naturals by Baby Orajel. Works like a charm. A little goes a long ...

Any Suggestions for Severely Dry and Cracked Skin..?

I know it's been awhile since your post but have you tried Shaklee's Multi Purpose Cream? It's awesome for dry skin and lots and lots of other things. ...

Unknown Source of Skin Condition After Giving Birth

With predisone and a topical steroid cream I got it under ... Extreme dry skin can also be a symptom of hypothyroidism, which is common after pregnancy. ...
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