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A Recent Change with My hair...tiny, Broken Hairs All Around the Part Line.

I have had the same issue with my hair, but have discovered some great things to help. I too, try not to blow-dry my hair, but let it air dry. ...

Dry Scalp

Read all 12 responses: "My 3 year old has dry patches on his scalp.... Sometimes it flakes into his hair...Any suggestions?"

Naturally Curly Hair

i use good conditioner for dry hair (i change it up), and spray leave in conditioner in it and use oil. depending how i am going to wear it depends on what ...

Dry Scalp

My 2 year old has a very dry scalp. I wash her hair about once or twice a week and she gets plenty of liquids. It doesnt seem to bother her but when I comb ...

Ionic Hair Dryers

Now, my hair is almost down to my waist and I was stuck using my old hair dryer for a few weeks and it took forever for my hair to dry. ...

My Hair Is Falling Out

But I pay attention, like you now, and by the way the hair products hardly make a difference---that's a market. Dont blow dry your hair, dont use rubber ...

Advice on Dry Scalp

You really don't want to let it go too long b/c eventually, at least on my daughter, it can cause little patches of the hair to come out where the dry skin ...

Hair Care for African American Toddler

I recently purhased products by Carol's Daughter. the only thing I like was the Hair Milk. Everything still leaves her hair dry and brittle. ...

My 2 Year Old Has Frizzy Hair

i have curly,dry,frizzy hair and have my whole life and i've tried ... Also I get all my tangles out in the shower and dont towel dry my hair much and never ...

Need Help in Getting Vaseline Out of My 2 Year Old Daughter's Hair!!!

Pat the mixture onto the hair while it is still dry. Then add warm to hot water. This should help. Repeat until all the Vaseline is removed. ...
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