drinking milk with meals

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13Mo. Old Vomiting Frequently During Meals. Not a Sick Baby.

Dear moms, For the last 3weeks my daughter has started to vomit about once a day and during meals or after drinking milk. When she vomits, its ALOT! ...

How Can I Get My 1 Year Old to Drink Milk?

Once I cut bottles out completely, my daughter started drinking milk from a cup with meals. Surprisingly, she started drinking juice at the same time - she ...

Will Not Drink Milk Out of Sippy Cup

Read all 26 responses: "My one year old will not drink milk out of a sippy cup, ... Just give him a little bit at a time in a sippy cup with his meals. ...

Transitioning from Bottle to Cup/ Drink & Meal Plan for 12 Month Old

I offer it in a cup with every meal...and if they ask in between. Not bottles, but then that .... Can't Get Baby to Drink Milk or Formula Out of a Sippy ...

Flavored Water

I allow my daughter milk with meals but she needs to drink her bottle of water before 3 pm everyday or she will sit down and finish it before any more play ...

12 Month Old Needs Milk?

She is happy and healthy as far as I can tell. I give her water to drink during snacks and meals. Should she be drinking milk instead? She eats yoghurt and ...

3 Yr Old Will Not Drink Milk

So anyway, no, you don't need to worry about your child not drinking milk. Just provide balanced meals from all the food groups, and choose a variety of ...

Drinking Milk

Up until now, he would only drink his milk out of a bottle. ... milk isn't given as a feeding, but as a beverage in a cup with his meals and snacks, ...

How to Switch from Formula to Whole Milk?

I know that I will switch the two 4 oz bottles to milk with meals, ... Beware tho that some children will not drink cold milk if you were using room temp ...

HELP!!!!! My Son Just Wont Drink Milk!!!!

We gave her a milk cup at every meal. She would take a few sips. She's 27 months now. She will drink a whole cup of milk... not all the time... but usually ...
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