drinking milk from a sippy cup

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Getting to Drink Milk NOT in a Bottle

I was really getting worried that she wouldn't drink milk again!!! She is now 20 months and drinking out of a sippy and regular cup! ...

18 Month Old Won't Drink Milk from a Cup

Just let her drink her milk from a bottle if she wants, she'll eventually move on and start drinking it from the cup or sippy cup. ...

Sippy Cup Issues.

My 1-year-old understands how to use a sippy cup and can drink just fine from ... 1 and I weaned him off breastmilk, he would not drink milk from a sippy. ...

Bottle to Sippy Cup

He will drink water and juice from his sippy cup, but he absolutely refuses and will not drink his milk from a sippy cup. I have tried, but he pushes it ...

1 Year Old Won't Take Sippy Cup

Moms- do you have any tricks to getting a child to take a sippy cup? My daugheter is one and she will not drink her milk from a sippy cup- it has to be a in ...

Sippy Cup

Does he not drink milk at all now or is he drinking from something else? Does he use a sippy cup for other beverages? Good luck. ...

2 Year Old Refusing to Drink Milk

He would ask me for something to drink beside milk so what i did was put milk in a sippy cup and add some chocolate syrup to it when he's not looking. ...

Daughter Won't Drink from Sippy Cup. Help!!!

My son never used a sippy cup. He went from the bottle straight to a travel ... He can now finally drink his milk sitting down tilting head back as opposed ...

How Much Milk Should a 13-Month-old Be Drinking

My question now is how much whole milk should he be drinking throughout the day? Also, should I expect him to drink a whole sippy cup of milk when he would ...

Baby Won't Take Sippy Cup and Never Took Own Bottle

Her son went on a total drinking strike when she introduced the sippy cup. He refused to drink for FOUR days, ... Next question: Won't Drink Milk from a Cup ...
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