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Transitioning Milk from a Bottle to a Cup

Anyway, we first got her used to drinking warm milk from a cup. We started with the bottle feeding she was least attached to, and once she was comfortable ...

Daughter Refuses to Take Milk from a Cup

My son refused to drink milk from a cup until I offered him a straw. ... He would drink anything else from a sippy cup, but not milk. Good luck. Helpful? ...

Drinking Milk

If your main goal is to get him to drink more milk, you could try an open top cup, warming it up a little, a different sippy, removing the valve from the ...

How Much Milk Should a 13-Month-old Be Drinking

His consumption fluctuated alot when we first switch to milk in a cup. I don't let him drink milk all day long. He gets milk with meals and water or watered ...

Transitioning from the Bottle to the (Sippy)cup for Cow's Milk

He will NOT however drink milk from a sippy cup though has no issues with water. ..... He had been drinking from a cup with milk in it for awhile, ...

13 Month Old Stopped Drinking Milk and Formula

My 9 month old will not be drinking milk when he is able to as well. ... just use a cup, you can try putting the milk in a cup and adding a little vanilla, ...

Milk from a Sippy Cup

I am having a very hard time getting my 13 month old daughter to drink milk from a sippy cup. She will drink water and juice from a sippy cup without a ...

Seeking Advice to Help My Daughter Drink Whole Milk

The reason she is going to accept it is because you drink out of a cup and she wants to be just like you. Offer her a small cup of milk with every meal. ...

2 Year Old Refusing to Drink Milk

When I took my son off the bottle at 2, he wouldn't drink milk from a cup. After calling my mom to tell her the problem, she sent him some Sip-Ahh ...

My 1 Year Old Not Drinking Milk

Sep 19, 2009 ... He will only drink milk from a bottle and refuses to drink it from a cup so far. I will replace his bottles with other dairy products until ...
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