drinking and driving

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I Had Surgery Today and Seeking Advice on Sore Throat Treatments

Its driving me CRAZY! So my question is do any of you know any good remedies ... I've bought Ricola Honey Herb cough drops, tried drinking cold drinks and ...

Death in Family

Its a hard lesson he has to learn about drunk driving at a young age but you may be able use it somewhat to your advantage-if you choose to do so. ...

C Section

Driving is fine, as long as you can press the brake firmly and look over ... With itchy skin: try keeping it moisturized (lotion) and drinking plenty of ...

Seeking Advice on Blended Families

There was one rule--no drinking and driving. Your son broke that rule, and that is ... If your son only learns of the seriousness of drinking and driving ...

Gestational Diabetes?

I was drinking all the time during my pregnancy (I always had something to drink with me). I also thought that I had ... glucose test · drinking and driving ...

A Boost in Breast Milk Production?

Oct 29, 2009 ... The two things that made a huge difference for me was drinking more water and pumping every 2-3 ..... baby milk · drinking and driving ...

Braxton Hicks Contractions or Preterm Labor?

I have been drinking water to keep from being dehydrated and I plan to call my .... Hick at 6 weeks that were so severe I had to pull over while driving. ...

Parents Being a Pain

Too many bad things have happened to too many people I care about b/c of drinking and driving. Another thing is that I feel as though they are being a ...

Mom Desperately Seeking Legal Help for Child Custody

I would have to prove without a shadow of a doubt that he is drug addict and that he is drinking and driving while bowling and just every thing before they ...

Tooth Sensitivity & Dentist Closed W/no Emerg Back-up!!

If your daughter doesn't have trouble eating or drinking other than the discomfort she will likely be o.k. I ... Pediatric Dentist · drinking and driving ...
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