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How Much Alcohol Is Safe to Drink When Breastfeeding?

My friends would feed, then have a drink, then wait two hours before feeding ... Prenatal Yoga Classes near Downtown · 6 Year Old Wakig up at Night Yel. ...

Son Refuses to Drink Milk

He refuses to drink any milk at all now, even though we took him to the ... I've given up fighting our battles after 12 years and do my best to keep her fed ...

Drinking from Straw

I suggest you cut the straw in half, that way there less time sucking required for the drink to come up (you'll need a short cup ofcourse)sometimes a coffee ...

Wont Drink Anything but Milk

If she had a fever we'd add a little juice to it and she'd drink it right up, so we didn't have issues with dehydration. It was nice to know that if she ...

4 Month Old Wont Drink Bottles

My daughter could only drink Nestle Goodstart...which is really easy on the tummy compared to some others out there...changing formulas might help~cheer up, ...

Mom Seeking Help with Toddler Who Wakes up in the Night

Sep 30, 2009 ... They would wake up 3 to 5 times a night because they couldn't find their lovie, or needed a drink, or because they saw a monster. ...

Help Getting 10 Month Old to Drink & Eat

He has stopped vomiting, but now he refuses to eat or drink! ... I am not sure where our boys picked it up...but I have heard of tons of cases in town this ...

My 15 Month Old Refuses to Drink Fluids!

Some days she will drink a lot of fluids and other days she refuses. ... Now he won't give it up! So it may not be the best advice, but if she'll take a ...

How to Teach Your Child Use Zip Cup or Straw

I have tried since she is 6 month to drink from the zip cup but she didn't want and push the cup or use it up side down like a toy..."

Decongestant and Milk Supply

Aug 19, 2009 ... Use warm water but not boiling, and drink up. Totally safe for nursing moms, kids, elderly, etc., and both have US patents so quality and ...
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  • one to two glasses of wine or beer in 2 answers "What to Expect in Your First Year", that one to two glasses of wine or beer is okay."
  • decrease milk supply in 2 answers "A decongestant with psuedoephedrine is known to decrease milk supply."
  • one glass of wine in 2 answers "... milk, that it is best to wait three hours after consuming one glass of wine ..."
  • pumping and dumping in 5 answers "... that it about how long it takes to leave your blood ("pumping and dumping""
  • than the stomach flu in 2 answers "... could be an ear infection, or even a more serious illness than the stomach flu."