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Opinion on Flooring

J.D. asks from Dallas

Hi Mom's. I'm curious about what you think. We want to re-floor our bedroom and we are going back and forth between wood laminate or carpet. Did you replace your f...


Child Proofing Home - What Is a Good Website for Products?

S.K. asks from South Bend

I have an autistic 5 year old and he is playing in the sink, pulling dressers over and getting into all kinds of trouble.. much of I won't go into. I found one websi...


Night Lights

A.D. asks from Minneapolis

I am trying to find a good night light for my son. He has not exposed plug-ins in his bedroom so I can't just plug a traditional one into the wall. Lately he has be...


Advice for Me Please

S.J. asks from Detroit

Does anyone know a website I can post things for sale and not have to pay to post it? Im moving back home so there are things I need to get rid of (dressers, loft bed...


Where Do You Put Your Clothes??

T.R. asks from Milwaukee

OK peeps, I need some advice! My husband & I are getting our house organized... my aunt was even sweet enough to pay for a "professional organizer" to come for a few ...


Baby Furniture - Displayed In-store

N.K. asks from Chicago

Any recommendations for the widest selection of baby furniture in-store? My husband and I have become very frustrated by how much is available online but not availabl...


Aching Feet Shoe Suggestion

C.F. asks from Denver

Hello to all other Moms, I am on my feet a lot and they ALWAYS ache and hurt. My lower back is always achey too, due to poor support in my shoes. I have only heard...


New Room for the Girls... What Should I Ensure Is in It?

M.M. asks from Dallas

I have a 3.5 and 6 mo old girl and I need to have them share a room. The 3.5 yo is happy about it which is a great thing. It's a decent size room where I'll be able...


Looking for a Good and Thorough Housekeeper in Crowley/ SW Fort Worth

A.K. asks from Dallas

Hello Mamas! I am looking for a housekeeper to clean my house in Crowley. I need someone who is available to clean during the day on a weekday. I get to most of th...


Lost/missing Jewelry - Filing an Insurance Claim?

M.O. asks from Chicago

I have very special pendant I was given prior to my wedding. Several months ago when I was cleaning/organizing my jewelry I'd realized that this piece was missing!...

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  • lil deb n heir in 3 answers "It's called 'Lil Deb-n-Heir (www.debnheir.com). It's kind of a hike from Chicago but ..."
  • depends on how much the piece in 2 answers "Depends on how much the piece was appraised and insured for, the deductible with your ..."
  • door knob covers in 2 answers "... these if he can get his hands on the key) and with the plastic door knob covers ..."
  • very low wattage in 2 answers "I put a very low-wattage bulb in a regular lamp on my son's dresser."
  • jewlery rider in 2 answers "You need a jewlery rider or a personal articles policy on your homeowners."