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How to Make a Slideshow Video That Doesn't Violate Copyright Infringement

J.J. asks from Pittsburgh

How do you make a simple slide show with music in the background & upload it to youtube or facebook without violating copyright infringement. I just made a slide sh...


Preteens Keeping Things Fun for Road Trips

L.M. asks from Cleveland

looking at 9 hrs in the car wiht a 10 yo and 8 yo I know they can mostly entertain themselves by reading to listening to music and we will have some DS time. ...


10 Yo Wants iTouch but I Have Concerns

J.G. asks from Washington DC

Please weigh in on your opinions, thoughts and personal experiences with the iTouch for kids. I am considering an iTouch or iPhone (with no phone services connected)...


iPod For Third Birthday?

P.C. asks from Portland

My son, about to turn three years of age, loves Irish songs, God bless him. We listen to the Dubliners a lot, since he loves singing more than the tunes. When...


iPod Question

C.S. asks from Detroit

This is for all you mamas with teens. I have a 14 year old son who has an iPod. This thing has caused an all out war in my house. My husband things I should read a...


Looking for Recommendation on Digital Camcorder and Washer/Dryer

K.L. asks from Tulsa

I'm making some major purchases and would like some real life opinions. I've been shopping for a digital camcorder and am totally overwhelmed with all the options. ...


My Daughter Turns 8 Years Old This Month. Need Some Creative Gift Suggestions?

P.M. asks from Provo

With Christmas just past and a daughter that seriously wants for everything but needs NOTHING what kinds of creative things can you get for an 8 year old girl? I k...


Verizon Phone Suggestions

T.K. asks from Dallas

I have Verizon and I'm phone shopping. I have the G'Zone, which in my opinion, should be issued to moms at the hospital when they give birth. It is the optimal phon...


3-Year Old: Buy Play Cd Player or Another "Boom Box"?

M.A. asks from Boston

Hi there - this is one of those curiosity questions, certainly not a pressing issue, but the CD player that we have in my son's room is on the fritz, so we would like...


IPOD Nano-----ZUNE---- OR---- SONY ?????

M.G. asks from Dallas

Help I need some feedback on either of these. I mainly will need it for working out (which makes me think Shuffle) BUT I also like the idea of being able to store p...

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