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Much Needed Advice on How to Deal with 7 Year Old Attitude

She finally calmed down, came and appologized and then did as she was told. It has been getting slightly better everytime I keep my cool. ...

2 Year Old with down Who Won't Eat After Surgery

I have a 2 year old with Down Syndrom also. She was having some eating issues a while back and through Early Intervention a Nutritionist came out completed ...

Help with Potty Training a 6-Year Old with down Syndrome

I just came across this site for parents of children with special needs called ... They have an article about potty training children with Down syndrome. ...

Acid Reflux and Gas

My son would latch on at first When the let down came he would unlatch thrash around cry and be totally frustrated with trying to nurse It is extremely ...

Builing a Darling Home

They came down around 30t from their first offer then we negotiated with them more and came down again around 15T plus gave extra perks like extra ...

My Baby Fell down the Stairs!!!

It took all I had not to throw myself down the stairs after him and my brother caught him at the bottom but he did flip and I was so upset. He came out of ...

Swelling After C-section

Just keep drinking water, and they will go down. It is very nice to step on the scale after they start going down, because all that water weight came off ...

Any Experience with MRSA, (Staph Infection)... or Known as the "Super Bug"

He was so sick they let me speend the night with him 24-7.he got a spider bit on his man hood and some how came down with it there. ...

Wood Staining During Early Pregnancy

I would stop and leave the room if I got a headache, but I always came back until the painting was done. So, slow down and just take a deep breath. ...

Has anyone had any experience with neocate formula?

My son hasn't had milk because I believe he has a milk allergy, has of my daughter she just came down with eczema. For my kids I think its just the season . ...
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