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Taking Armour Thyroid Medication While Pregnant

When I became pregnant, I had my levels checked, and my dosage was increased. ... While pregnant with my daughter I did not require a dosage change, ...

Thinking About Stopping Use of the NuvaRing.

Oct 7, 2009 ... I would recommend talking to your GYN I was on Nortrel and I felt the same way moody and just not myself It could be the dosage that's ...

3 Year Old Not Pooping in the Potty

Aug 30, 2009 ... Edited to add For those of you trying the Miralax route just be aware that it can take awhile to get the dosage right If you use too much it ...

Hylands Calms Forte 4 Kids

I am interested if anyone has had experience with the dosage for a younger child because medicines such as Dimetapp and Benedryl begin their dosing charts ...

What Do I Do for My 3 Year Old's Stuffy Nose???

Does anyone still use this cold medicine and adjust the dosage? I heard that is why they took it of because people were careless with it and weren't ...

My 3 Year Old Is Constipated

I would call your daughters dr to get the correct dosage for her, I always give my son ... Then we switched to Senakot, at the maximum dosage for his age. ...

Iron Supplements for 13-Month-old??

Oct 11, 2009 ... I love floridex iron + herbs, and I'm pretty sure they make it for kids too... it may just have a dosage on there for kids. ...

Help with a 5 Yr Old with ADHA

If the dosage is too low, it can cause her to be cranky, though. ... They may even have to adjust the dosage.But a positive to this. ...

Is It GERD (Acid Reflux), Allergies, Stomach Virus or Something Else?

His dosage is higher now, but the number of doses a day is less. To add something else, because of the reflux, he's always kinda hacked and coughed. ...

Acne Medication

At first, the dosage was too high and it dryed him out big time...chapped lips!! Doctor modified the dosage and what a DIFFERENCE!!! I believe he was on the ...
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